Otgonjargal Dorj holds a Master’s degree in Engineering Science from State Technical University and has a rich background in engineering and leadership. She has also contributed significantly to the community as a music teacher at the “We Together” Child and Family Development Center of the National Capital Area. Her innovative streak as an inventor-engineer at the Central of Urban Development led to the creation of 13 construction schemes. A committed volunteer, She founded the Mongol Archery Group and has been actively involved in the Arlington Free Clinic. Her dedication to her work and community service has earned him several accolades, including gold medals from the Teacher Association of Mongolia and the National Center for Children, and his archery team was recognized as the “Best Sports Team” in 2016 by WAMCA.

Dagiimaa Tsevegjav is an accomplished educator and linguist with extensive experience in education management and language teaching. She holds an Associate Degree in Teaching English from Mongolian State University and a Bachelor of Arts in Russian & Literature from Moscow State Teacher University. Over the years, Dagiimaa has held significant academic and leadership roles, including Professor and Chair of various departments at prominent universities in Mongolia.

Her expertise spans managing educational programs, supervising research, and developing curriculum. Dagiimaa is proficient in English, Russian, and Mongolian, and has a strong track record of fostering academic growth and cultural exchange. Currently, she leads the education team at the “We Together” Child and Family Development Center, focusing on Mongolian language instruction and community development.

Battseren iis a distinguished educator with over two decades of experience teaching the Mongolian language. She has spent the last few years imparting her knowledge in the DMV area, helping students of all ages appreciate and master the language. Battseren holds a Master’s Degree in Education, which underpins her deep understanding of pedagogy and her innovative teaching methods. Dedicated to her profession, she has been instrumental in fostering cultural appreciation among her students, making her a respected and valued member of the educational community.